Access Program

 With today’s ever rising health care cost, where many individual are priced out of the healthcare market, Platinum presents a Health Access program to help bridge the health care gap and provide basic health care at a reasonable cost.

Platinum Physician Associates’ Program is known as the Access Program. This Access Program allows HISD employees and their dependents enrolled in the Select medical plan access to a network of physicians for which members pay a reduced office visit fee of $50 per office visit.

A key to preventing catastrophic illness is to  provide access to basic health care. This will help address preventable and treatable medical problems at an early stage prior to the onset of major complications due to the lack of access to basic medical care. Platinum  is dedicated to providing affordable access to heath care.

Platinum Physician Associates program  is not an insurance program.  It is designed to reduce the cost of primary health care to a reasonable cost.


You can see a Primary Care Physician for a very low office visit cost.

Pay 50% of customary charges on most Lab Test, including:


 1. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

 2. Lipid Profile

 3. PSA Prostate Test

4. Glucose

5. Hemoglobulin A1c

6. CBC

 7. Urinalysis

 8. Vitamin B-12 Level

9. PAP Smear

10. Thyroid Blood Test


Platinum Physician Associates

Provide your workers with access to the affordable healthcare at a group rate!


Enroll TODAY to begin accessing physicians in the Platinum Physician Network of doctors.